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Lovely oversized Cape situated on a magnificent corner lot at the top of McIntosh Drive. The time has come to down-size and let another family appreciate this beautiful home that has been lovingly maintained and updated. Some of the features include recently up-dated sunny south facing eat-in kitchen with granite counter tops, a large family room with a cathedral ceiling, built-in bookcases and beautiful brick fireplace, a large formal living room, dining room, fourth bedroom and full bath complete the first floor. The second level includes large Master bedroom with walk-in closet, en-suite with two separate vanities, two additional generously sized bedrooms and a full bathroom. Some of the updates that have been done are hardwood floors, freshly painted interior and exterior. Enjoy the private grounds that include a deck and gazebo. Near Rice Nature Preserve with 3 miles of trails and breathtaking views. Must be seen to be fully appreciated.

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Posted by Homes of Distinction Realty on 7/23/2017

Youíre serious about maintaining a clean home. Everyone who knows you compliments you on your housekeeping habits. Some of your friends even ask you for advice on how they can create a safer and a healthier home. What you and your friends may not know is how unsafe the inside of your walls are. Thatís right. Your house walls could harbor dangers that you donít know about.

Pests do severe damage to your house

Hear that your walls could be harboring unsafe elements and creeping insects might be the first thing that pops into your mind. If such images did come to the front of your thoughts, youíre on the right track.

Termites are among the most damage causing insects that live in your walls. Different types of termites are attracted to different types of material. For example, drywood termites also live in roofs and floors. Get them and they can chew away at the very structure of your home. These determined insects also get into furniture,swimming pools and paper products like books. Unfortunately, you may not notice that you have these pests until after they have bred into one or more colonies.

Cockroaches are another insect that bred inside house walls. Although they donít destroy wood like termites, they are not pests that you want hanging around in or outside the walls of your home. Why?

Cockroaches carry germs like bacteria and viruses. They donít mind nibbling on the same food youíre eating. Let one crumb hit the floor and a dozen cockroaches can show up within seconds, scurrying out of your house walls to the food. These pests can cause diarrhea and food poisoning. Get too many of them and you might start itching, not to mention becoming anxious.

Pests arenít the only dangers that could be lurking in your house walls

Poor wiring is another danger that could be lurking in your house walls. Cause of poor wiring is generally the faulty work of a contractor. You may not spot this problem until an outlet sparks, not once but several times. Faulty wiring can also cause power outages and fires.

Let it leak in your house after hard rains and mold could form on the interior and exterior of your walls. Mold can trigger allergies. It can also contribute to an asthma attack. Other symptoms that mold is in your house include skin rashes and difficulty swallowing or a scratchy throat. You may be able to treat small amounts of mold that show up on the exterior of your house on your own. These are places like a bathroom shower stall or kitchen sink back splash. For larger mold spaces, call a professional.

Everything that could put you and your family at risk of developing an illness is not in plain sight. Pests, harmful chemicals and unsafe wiring could be lurking in your house walls. Despite your regular cleanings, these harmful elements may remain. In fact, the only way to rid your home of these dangers may be to contact a home inspector and request a thorough examination of your house. Money and well being that you save in the long run may well be worth it.

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Looking to add your condo to the real estate market? Ultimately, you'll want to set a "fair" price for your property. By doing so, you can stir up plenty of interest in your condo and boost your chances of a fast property sale.

List your condo at a price that meets the needs of both property buyer and seller Ė here are three tips to ensure you can price your condo properly.

1. Study the Housing Market

How does your condo rate against similar properties? Examine the housing market closely, and you can understand what differentiates your property from others that are currently available.

Check out the prices of comparable condos that have been added to the real estate market recently. That way, you can learn how other condo sellers are pricing their properties and map out your condo pricing strategy accordingly.

Also, evaluate the prices of condos that have sold over the past few months. This will allow you to identify real estate market patterns and trends and may help you establish a competitive price.

2. Hire a Property Appraiser

A property appraiser understands what it takes to assess a condo both inside and out. Therefore, if you conduct a condo appraisal, you can learn about your property's strengths and weaknesses.

During a condo evaluation, a property appraiser will identify problem areas across your residence. Then, he or she will provide a report that you can review to understand how you can enhance your property's value.

Take the results of a property appraisal seriously. If a property appraiser finds minimal problems with your condo, you may be good to go to establish a fair price for your residence.

On the other hand, if a property appraiser discovers a wide range of condo issues, allocate the necessary time and resources to mitigate these problems. In this scenario, you may need to lower your expectations for your condo's asking price based on the current state of your property. Or, you can perform assorted property improvements to bolster your condo's value.

3. Collaborate with a Real Estate Agent

Want expert insights into how to price your condo competitively? Work with a real estate agent, and you can receive comprehensive support as you prepare to add your residence to the housing market.

A real estate agent can make a world of difference for a condo seller, and for good reason. This housing market professional will teach you about the current real estate market and help you determine the right price for your condo.

Let's not forget about the assistance that a real estate agent will provide throughout the condo selling process, either.

With a real estate agent at your side, you can receive help with condo showings, negotiations with condo buyers and much more. And if you ever have condo selling questions, a real estate agent will be able to provide instant responses.

Set the right price for your condo Ė use these condo selling tips, and you can move one step closer to maximizing the value of your property.

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You may be considering adding a new member to your family: a dog. But you may also be struggling with whether or not to get a puppy or adopt an adult dog. Both a puppy and a dog are a large responsibility and an adjustment to your life. Letís take a look at what to consider before you make that decision. Rescue or Full-Bred: Rescuing an animal is one of the most amazing things that you can do in life. You are saving a life. If you are someone who wants to change a dogís life then rescuing is the way to go. Most of the time though, shelters do not have puppies. Depending on the shelters you are looking into adopting from there could be puppies or there could be dogs of all ages. No matter the age, adoption is making a difference in that dogís life. But be prepared to likely adopt an older dog. But also be prepared to put in work. Often times these dogs have been tormented. They may be sad, skittish, and standoffish. Or they may be perfectly happy. Either way, its important to be prepared. If you really want a puppy then you will likely be interested in full-bred. But be ready to pay the price, as full-bred puppies donít come cheap. You may have to search the U.S. for a breeder that breeds the type of puppy you want. Itís important that you look into any and all breeders that you are considering and find out their reputation. Only buy a puppy from a breeder that is reputable. Time: Both puppies and dogs require your time, effort and attention, but puppies require much more. If you really want a puppy then itís essential to make sure that you have the time to give. Puppies require more vet visits, more love, more attention, and more work. They require training by either you or a professionaló which are both time consuming. When adopting an older dog these things have already been dealt with (most of the time). If you are looking for a little less work to begin with then adopting an older dog is the best option for you. But, regardless of age, your dog will always require your time. If you donít have an adequate amount of time to give then a dog may not be the best option for you. Regardless of whether you get a puppy or a dog, itís vital that you are prepared for whatís in store. A dog is a member of your family and should be treated as such. Being prepared will make the transition to having a dog that much easier.

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Buying a home is a life-changing event. As such, the decision to purchase a residence should not be taken lightly.

For homebuyers, it is paramount to get as much help as possible so you can discover a terrific house at a price that matches your budget. With support from an expert real estate agent, you should have no trouble acquiring a residence that meets or surpasses your expectations.

But what does it take to find the right real estate agent to assist you during your search for the perfect home? Here are three tips that every homebuyer needs to know.

1. Ask Family Members and Friends for Guidance

If a family member or friend recently bought a home, he or she may be able to provide real estate agent recommendations. Family members and friends are trusted sources, and their real estate agent recommendations may help you speed up the process of finding your dream house.

Your neighbors also may be able to real estate agent suggestions. They should be able to provide details about what it was like to work with a particular real estate agent so you can plan accordingly.

Of course, you should still perform plenty of research into a real estate professional's background and expertise before you hire this individual. Be diligent during your search for a real estate agent, and you can employ a real estate professional who will go the extra mile to help you discover a great house.

2. Search the Web

A simple web search of a real estate agent's name may enable you to learn a lot about this individual. In fact, a web search often provides a great way to find out about local real estate agents quickly.

Although a web search may help you examine a variety of real estate agents in your city or town, it is essential to fully evaluate a real estate professional's credentials.

If possible, search for client feedback about a real estate agent. This may help you determine whether to move forward with a particular real estate agent or shy away from this housing market professional altogether.

3. Meet Directly with Several Real Estate Agents

When it comes to finding the right real estate agent, nothing beats a one-on-one meeting.

Set up meetings with several local real estate agents. By doing so, you can get a better idea about whether a real estate agent can help you accomplish your homebuying goals.

It often helps to make a list of questions to ask a real estate agent before you meet with him or her. That way, you can gain the insights you need to make an informed decision.

If you feel comfortable with a real estate agent after a face-to-face meeting, don't hesitate to hire this professional. Remember, the sooner you start working with an expert real estate agent, the sooner you may be able to purchase your dream house.

Use these tips, and you can hire a first-rate real estate agent to guide you along the homebuying journey.

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