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My family and I had arguably the best experience working with Linda.

We bought and sold many homes in many states. We always worked with agents/brokers. We look for some characteristics: He or she would work with us and support our needs and requirements; he or she would not push unnecessarily but to suggest us pros and cons of properties and locations in a very transparent fashion; and lastly, he or she would work hard to find our most important asset, our home.

Linda were flawless in her execution and met all our requirements and needs. Moreover, she was not hesitant to let us know when and how we were making sense (or not) in our decisions. We saw many homes and she never showed any lethargy in taking trips with us in Sharon and many other surrounding cities. She truly represented us. When I will sell my house, Linda is the one who will represent us again for sure. Obviously she also has to agree to it :-)

Samir Bhattacharyya

We met Linda at one of our first open houses in Sharon at the beginning of 2013. Linda was the listing agent of that property, which we did not care for. She then inquired if we needed a buyer's agent -- we didn't start off needing one, but figured it wouldn't hurt. Unlike my past experience with another agent in another town who only made me sign papers that binded me to using her without much benefit to my end, Linda started working with us immediately without any binders. Also unlike my last agent who did nothing more than showing up with a means of access (i.e. could not answer any question about the property), Linda came to our subsequent showings punctually and fully prepared: she took careful notes of our wish list, studied the recent history on a potential property before showing us (and would offer to pull permits/paperwork as proof of major work done), had the comps available for our reference, and gave us professional input on which "blemishes" were acceptable and which were the red flags. As first-time homebuyers, we found her guidance and opinions very useful and valuable -- we always learned something new at each showing! Throughout our house-hunting journey, we found that Linda was not just here to sell us any house so she could collect her commission check; she was here to educate us as buyers, and we could feel that she genuinely wanted us to be happy and comfortable with what we wanted to buy. Her motto is "If this is not the one for you, there will be one down the road." Linda always took notes of our feedback at each showing, and would leave the decision to us. She never pressured us into doing anything we were not comfortable with, and she was utterly respectful to our personal styles and opinions. Overall, Linda never comes across as a "sales rep" to us; she shows genuine care about her clients, from each and every showing to the signing papers stage. Linda has great work ethics, and would make sure that she is readily available to answer any questions or concerns in the process. Linda is naturally a warm and caring person, but she is also capable of maintaining the professionalism in her trade. Linda had not only done a superb job in helping us find and purchase our first home that should last many years to come, she had also become an ally and a friend whom we can trust down the road. We could not have been luckier that we met her by chance! We would recommend Linda Dillon from Homes of Distinction Realty to anyone without hesitation.
Francisca Wu

When we were looking for the perfect home, Linda worked tirelessly with us until we found it. She helped negotaite the price down to what we could afford. We are now happy homeowners.

                                                                                                                       Brian & Kathy L

It Was Fun!

After searching for more than a year with another agent, a friend recommended that we contact Linda. It was the best thing we ever did. In less than two months we found our dream home. She helped us negotiate the price and even got us help with the closing costs.
                                                                                Jamie & Chris B.
Find the Right Agent

We were having difficulty selling our home and unfortunately we owed more than it was worth.  Linda handled the short sale effectively and our house was sold within 4 months.  She negotiated everything with our lender and provided the extra service only an experienced broker knows how to do.         David & Sue M.
Experience Helps!

Linda provided excellent service during our search for a new home.  We were about to get married and wanted to buy something before the big day.  Needless to say it took much longer than anticipated - we didn't realize how picky we were.  Linda never gave up on us and we did find the home of our dreams before the wedding.          Brian & Kathy H.
Never Gave Up on Us