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Posted on 10/03/2022
A beginner's guide to modern interior design
While the term “modern” is frequently used to describe anything "new," modern interior design is a specific style that originated in the early twentieth century. Modern interior design is a versatile starting point for anybody wanting to redecorate part or all of their home. Here are some of the basic elements of modern interior design: Common characteristics If...
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Posted on 09/26/2022
3 Telltale Signs It's Time To Remove Drywall & Insulate Your Home's Walls
Investing in new insulation ranks among the least appealing home improvement investments. It provides no aesthetic enhancement to the living space or curbside appeal. If your home were an automobile, insulation would be the equivalent of an oil change. It keeps everything running smoothly but remains an expense that delivers no joy. Just like car owners prefer not...
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Posted on 09/19/2022
3 Things Homeowners Need To Know Before Building A Fence
Installing a fence for privacy or purely aesthetic reasons improves the peaceful enjoyment of a property. Privacy-seeking property owners often erect six-foot stockade-style fences in their backyards. The classic white picket fence positioned in front yards sets the table for perennial gardens, flowering shrubs and provides eye-catching curb appeal. However, there are a few items many homeowners accidentally...
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Posted on 09/12/2022
Ideas for a DIY Fire Pit
Having a backyard fire pit gives you a great place to sit around with family and friends on summer nights or cooler nights. Although fire pits are sold in many stores, building your own gives you more control over how it looks. You can design your own fire pit, construct it yourself, and set it up to use...
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Posted on 09/09/2022
Sharon, MA Real Estate Market Update 9/9/2022
Click here to view Sharon, MA blog post which has information on the constantly changing market...
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Posted on 09/05/2022
Secrets to designing a small living space
Designing a small living space can feel like a challenge. However, it's possible to add style, comfort and functionality to any space regardless of the square footage. If you're interested in ways to maximize the potential of your small spaces, here are some decorating tips to help: High & low One key strategy to designing a small living...
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Posted on 08/29/2022
Bring the 90s home: Decor ideas for maximum nostalgia
The fashion world has seen a resurgence in trends from the 1990s, and interior designers have noticed the same with 90s home decor. While it might be easy to recall decorating trends from other decades, some aspects of the 90s can be more difficult to grasp. Luckily, this guide will help inspire you - either with design ideas...
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Posted on 08/27/2022
Another Property Sold - 263 S Walpole, Sharon, MA 02067
HOUSE BEAUTIFUL!! This 7YR YOUNG, EXECUTIVE CUSTOM BUILT STONE FRONT CAPE-STYLE HOME is total LUXURY! Situated on over 8 acres of land on a scenic street in Sharon. It exudes warmth and sophistication designed with captivating upgrades and features! As you enter, you experience a breathtaking Open space. This magnificent space features living room, kitchen with dining area and open staircase with fabulous wainscoting leading to the second level with skylight. Gleaming hardwood floors throughout, wood burning fireplace in kitchen with pizza oven, stainless appliances w/gas cooking and more. This OPEN floor plan includes a fabulous first...
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Posted on 08/22/2022
Luckiest feng shui plants to have at home
Feng shui principles have long been included in interior design to promote the best possible flow of energy in a space. While feng shui applies to furniture placement and layouts, there are also feng shui plants. Some plants are considered especially beneficial because they're thought to bring good fortune to your home. If you're interested in adding feng...
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Posted on 08/15/2022
3 Signs You Need to Repair Your Chimney ASAP
Unlike some home repair issues, the gradual decline of a chimney often goes unnoticed for years. During this period of modest disrepair, a wide range of structural problems and fire risks can arise. Even small gaps between brick layers create an opening for unwelcome pests. Here are three telltale signs your chimney may require repair. 1: Check for...
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Posted on 08/09/2022
Sharon, MA Real Estate Market Update 8/9/2022
Click here to view Sharon, MA blog post which has information on the constantly changing market...
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Posted on 08/08/2022
How to design an art studio home
Many creative homeowners dream of having their own private art studio. Home layouts might provide the extra square footage, but how do you go about designing the ideal creative space? If you want to set up your functional art studio at home, there are plenty of ways to work with the space you already have. Here are some...
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