3 Ways Victory Gardens Can Benefit You

by Homes Of Distinction Realty 06/21/2021

Victory gardens have been a tradition ever since the first World War. Growing your own vegetables, fruits and other edible crops at home can have major benefits, no matter the size and complexity of your garden. Here are some of the top reasons victory gardens are still beneficial in a modern world:

Know Exactly What’s In Your Food

Even when buying from a trusted market, fresh produce can inspire questions about its origins. You might wonder where exactly the food came from or what the working conditions were for the people who helped grow and harvest it. You might also wonder what methods and materials were used to promote its growth—particularly if there were any potentially harmful pesticides or other chemicals used.

Luckily, with people asking these questions more and more, it’s become common for food vendors to provide this information. Even so, what could be better than having complete control over your own food? Growing your own fruits, veggies and herbs in a victory garden means you were there for every part of the process. You know all about the soil, fertilizers, water and working conditions. In this way, a victory garden will give you a sense of gratification and comfort from knowing exactly what went in to the food on your table.

Save Money & Time

Food is only getting more expensive over time and fresh organic produce is no exception. Healthier options are often more expensive than less nutritious options which leaves you with the uncomfortable choice of quality over quantity. This is another way a victory garden can provide an enormous benefit. Eating the vegetables, fruits and herbs from your own garden can reduce your regular grocery bills by noticeable amounts.

Victory gardens will also save you precious time. In some areas, fresh food is hard to find. Many have to travel great distances to buy any groceries and sometimes even further to find the highest quality of organic options. If you need a specific food item that grows in your garden, getting it is as simple as harvesting it yourself. This saves you time and the additional cost of transportation.

Help the Environment

Victory gardens are a simple way to help yourself while also helping the environment. Growing your own produce limits fossil fuel emissions otherwise spent in transit to purchase it. Farms and corporations may continue to ship produce all over the country, but you can take comfort and satisfaction in knowing your own food was grown and harvested sustainably. You may even inspire your friends and neighbors to do the same in their own backyards. Every bit is helpful when it comes to giving the environment a boost.

Victory gardens traditionally have plots in the ground or raised beds, but if you live in an apartment or property with no room to plant you can still enjoy them. Many vegetables and herbs grow successfully in containers on your balcony or even indoors. With some creativity and patience, you can keep this valuable tradition going and get all the same benefits.