5 Things to Consider When Purchasing a Stick-Built Home

by Homes Of Distinction Realty 07/25/2022

When you have a house built on your land, this is known as a stick-built home. These homes are considered traditional compared to modular or prefabricated houses that are built elsewhere and transported to your property. If you’ve been thinking of having a stick built house constructed on your land, it’s important to learn as much about them as possible. The following can help you get started on understanding these types of homes better.

Construction Takes Place On-Site

When you decide to purchase a stick-built home, your new house will be constructed entirely on your land. You’ll meet with a construction company to go over the plans for your house, and you’ll be able to check on its progress as it’s being built. No part of your stick-built house will be constructed off-site, which can make it easier to keep track of how the construction process is going. Keep in mind that stick-built homes rarely require any special building codes other than the usual ones needed for residential construction. This can help the construction process move along more smoothly.

Stick-Built Homes Can Be Customized

Stick-built homes typically offer a high amount of customization. Depending on your builder, you might have the option to completely customize your floor plan and add a wide range of features to it based on your wants and needs. This provides you with a chance to build your dream home. Some builders offer a set amount of floor plans to choose from. Here, you would choose the floor plan you want, then add custom features to it. These floor plans usually include at least a few standard features with the option to customize.

Construction Companies Use Tried-and-True Techniques

Stick-built homes are built using traditional construction techniques. Construction companies typically begin with a wooden frame and concrete foundation, then construct the rest of your home one section at a time. Since your entire house is built on site, the materials and components are transported to your property, including all the lumber needed for the frame, support beams and other structures. Relying on these techniques can help ensure that your stick-built home is properly constructed.

They’re Built to Last

Stick-built homes are designed and built with durability in mind. The roofing, siding and other components of these homes are often made to resist damage from the elements, such as moisture from rain and humidity. Since you can count on your stick-built home to last for decades, it should have a higher value compared to prefab or modular homes. This gives you a chance to build a greater amount of equity as a homeowner with fewer worries about wear and tear or repairs.

Stick-Built Houses Are Cost-Effective

When you’re looking for affordable housing options, a stick-built home can be the right choice. These houses do not need to be built off-site and brought to your property, which helps you save on transportation costs. While you’ll need to pay for materials and labor, your costs overall can end up being lower over the years. Stick-built homes rarely need as much maintenance compared to prefab homes. This can save you money on repair and maintenance costs.